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Strategic leadership advisory and
executive development


Strategic leadership advisory and
executive development

Three leadership challenges for successful businesses:

  • Confusion: The old certainties have evaporated. Disruptors and challengers abound. Things may be good today, but you can foresee trouble ahead.
  • Complacency: You worry that your people don’t seem to get it. They're just focused on operational issues, or maybe they’re managing their anxiety about the fast-changing world by putting their heads in the sand.
  • Commoditization: There's the risk of losing differentiation in the mind of your customer. Future revenue and profit are far from guaranteed.

In such a situation, investing more in what you’ve always done – however great it has been – can feel like you’re building on shifting sands.

But what do you do instead?

It’s all very well being told you should ‘fail fast’, ‘break all the rules’, or contemplate ‘a moonshot’. But that’s very risky. You’ve got responsibilities to existing employees, investors and customers. Economists might talk about 'creative destruction' but that doesn’t seem like a great recipe for a happy workplace. And getting buy-in to what sounds like a wild gamble is not going to happen.

Leaders need to strike a new balance: to tap into the entrepreneurial thinking styles of disruptors and innovators while respecting and nurturing what you have already.  

Our approach will show you how to find and use your Hidden Gold: unrecognised, overlooked and repurposable resources that you can use to adapt and grow:

  • From Confusion to Creativity
  • From Complacency to Commitment
  • From Commoditization to renewed Competitiveness

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Read a sample chapter from Andy Bass’s book Start With What Works: a faster way to grow your business.

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About Andy Bass

Andy has advised leaders in more than 30 industries across 12 countries and has counselled executives at large organizations such as Deutsche Bank, L'Oreal, and Aon, mid-sized businesses such as Rieke Packaging and International Automotive Component Group, as well as many smaller growing businesses and non-profits.

He has written four books on his approaches and was elected into the Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame in 2017, with the Hall's founder Alan Weiss calling him a "rare consulting talent".

Andy has a PhD is in computer science. He has taught executive programmes at business schools including Oxford Saïd, Strathclyde, Aston and Warwick.

Andy is a keynote speaker and has spoken about strategy and innovation to dozens of organizations including Barclays, Al Ghurair and Bupa International. He was also an MC for TEDx.

What clients say

Exactly who every CEO needs

"Andy Bass is exactly the guy that every president or CEO needs. You can discuss any business matter, and you know you’ll get a smart, knowledgeable view. Plus, he’ll call you on gaps in your thinking and when required, steer you towards something better."

David J. Pritchett  //  President, Rieke Packaging

Our team is inspired

“Andy teaches you to translate your leadership message from terms that make you want to act into terms that make them want to act.  Our team is inspired by his work and often refers to his ideas when making important decisions."

JURGA ŽILINSKIENĖ MBE  //  Founder and CEO, Guildhawk

Who calls Andy?

They find Andy through his books, they get introduced by other clients, or they may have heard him speak. Typically:

  • They’re running a business – or a division – with tens to hundreds of millions in revenue. They or their direct bosses have titles like CEO, Managing Director, President, or Managing Partner.
  • There’s usually some trigger for the call, in the shape of a new demand for growth. They may have recently taken over the job on the understanding that growth is the first priority, or they have been in role for a while but a new Chairman or Group CEO has raised expectations, or the competition has become more heated.
  • They'll say things like, “We’re actually doing OK, but I know we could be doing much better”, or “Things are alright at the moment, but with the way the world is, we need to learn and change fast if we are going to thrive in the future.”
  • And very often they’ll also add: “A big issue is getting my people to see the need for change and actually, to see the potential. I worry that they'll just double down on 'the day job’ or hope that external threats are only rumours.”

What do you and Andy discuss in an introductory call?

Andy often starts with a question like, “How do you know that the things you want to see happen ought to be possible?” He likes this question because it gets the conversation focused on two things:

Your best hopes for the business and for your role in its success


The existing resources available to draw upon

Andy says, "Getting really clear on existing resources is a key thing for me. My book Start With What Works is all about how you probably have more resources than you think. In fact, most businesses could achieve far more with what they have already. And I’ve found that many don’t even realise all the hidden resources that are there, waiting to be used.”

A Three-Step Path


See your situation afresh and  recognise your untapped growth opportunities


You’ll have a clear plan, including assurance that you have the right tailored support


You’ll put your plan into practice and enjoy the benefits of playing bigger

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If your priority is growth

Read a sample chapter from Andy Bass’s book Start With What Works

If your priority is engaging your people: 

Take the Committed Action Diagnostic and access free resources