Committed Action an Amazon Bestseller

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We launched my new book on November 8th, and I’m delighted about the company it’s keeping on the Amazon best seller list (It’s the green one – Committed Action: The three-step method to inspire your people to take ownership and get results). | |

It was also #1 Amazon bestseller in the US in “Industrial Business Management” yesterday and a #1 Hot Release.

In the book, I lay out a simple but powerful method for increasing buy-in and engagement. I call it the ‘C.E.O’ method:

  • Invite CURIOSITY – open the minds of your people to be receptive to new possibilities. Different people need different reasons to get interested.
  • Encourage EXPLORATION – help people discover for themselves exactly what they need to ‘get’ about your business and how it produces value.
  • Transfer OWNERSHIP – transfer responsibility for results, for their good and the good of your organization.

Praise for Committed Action

“Leaders who want to inspire their people to take ownership will appreciate this enjoyable guide. Andy’s idea of ‘the leader as educator’ is spot on in a world where organisations have to learn, and re-learn, faster than ever.”
Rooney Anand, Former CEO Greene King and Executive Chairman Redcat Pub Company

“Whether it’s a special forces unit, a championship-winning team, or a business facing today’s unique challenges, committed action is essential. Andy’s book is a quick, practical read for leaders who need to create commitment and get results in real time.”
Sean Bacon, Performance & Resilience consultant, former Canadian Paratrooper, mindset coach to the Olympic Gold Medal winning Canadian Women’s Rowing Team

“If people only ‘half understand’, they can only ‘half commit’. Andy’s book teaches you to translate your leadership message from terms that make you want to act into terms that make them want to act.”
Jurga Žilinskienė MBE, Founder & CEO, Guildhawk

“We are in the business of helping our clients grow revenue, and we’re very clear that means one thing: coordinated and committed action. Andy’s book Committed Action will help you get your people on the same page so they take the actions you need to grow your business.”
Michael FitzGerald, Founder & CEO, OnePageCRM | |