The Performance Papers by Andy Bass

The Performance Papers: Incisive Briefings for Busy Leaders

Chock-full of know-how and experience, and written in a style that is both rigorous and refreshingly light on jargon, The Performance Papers is an invaluable handbook for leaders who practise – or aspire to – the art of general management.

Seven Keys to Releasing Potential in Your Business, Your People, and Yourself

In the search for better productivity and profitability many managers perceive a dilemma: should they cut resources and somehow “do more with less?” Or should they add resources, investing in new capacity in the hope of a greater return? You can side-step this conundrum completely by asking a better question: “How do I do more with what I have already?”. Here are seven ways I have found clients can apply quickly in order to see results. Download free eBook.

Networkability by Andy Bass and Helga Henry

NetworkAbility: Building your business – one relationship at a time

The quality of your business relationships determines the quality of your business life. Based on coaching and mentoring with executives, consultants, and professional advisors at leading firms, this practical handbook gives you achievable steps to strong relationships for career and business success. Your personal return on investment from better networking is potentially phenomenal: use what you have to get better and faster results.

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