Are you sitting on a hidden goldmine? Three questions to start your search

By Andrew Bass | Articles, Top2

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A podcast host once asked me this great question: “What surprises you most in your work?” The answer I gave was: “How often clients fail to see that they have the resources they need already.”

My book Start With What Works is about how to search your organization for those resources – what I call your Hidden Gold. By gold, I mean invaluable resources you can use to build something that really stands out.

Some resources are easy to spot. For example: smart people, proprietary processes and capital equipment. They’re there, and you know they’re there. They’re not hiding.

But established businesses also have resources that they overlook. They’re there without you noticing. You accumulated them in the course of doing and building business, but you’ve missed their significance. When you learn to see and then reconfigure these resources, you can create huge impact, often without capital investment.

Here are three of the most powerful questions for prospecting for your hidden gold:

  • What resources do we have, apart from money and capital equipment, that an entrepreneur would love?
  • Given what we do everyday, what must we be really good at behind the scenes that we could bring centre stage and sell?
  • What stops us from doing worse than we are? 

These and similar questions require some thought, but they can point you to the gold that’s hiding in plain sight.

To understand more about how this can work for your business, read a free sample chapter of Start With What Works.


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