At one time there was no money…

By Andrew Bass | Blog

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An old teacher of mine used to like to point out that, “At one time, there was no money in the world. And now there’s a lot!” His point was that wealth isn’t ‘out there’ waiting for us to grab it, nor is there some fixed pie to fight over.

The source of wealth is human ingenuity and enterprise: the ingenuity to recognise how resources can be organized to produce value, and the enterprise to bring that value to meet the ever-evolving needs of other people.

Human beings pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps by recognising latent value in things they already had.

The world is certainly presenting new challenges. Business leaders looking for new growth now have a choice. They can dwell on evidence of how hard things are compared to the pre-COVID world. Or they can recognise that they have resources that would be incredible to the leaders of the industrial revolution, and that some of the most valuable might be hiding in plain sight.

In my book Start With What Works I lay out a strategy for finding and using your overlooked resources to create new growth, and to meet a myriad new needs in a changed world. You can download a free sample chapter here.

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