A couple of weeks ago, I travelled to Strathclyde Business School to deliver a seminar about communication and change. The seminar was part of the national Productivity through People (PtP) initiative. PtP is for SME leaders who want to create Read More

Here’s a riddle: What’s your biggest asset, AND your biggest potential liability, yet doesn’t appear on your balance sheet? Not exactly the Riddle of the Sphinx is it? The answer is, of course, your people. Here are some of my Read More

The laser printer was whirring when the new saleswoman walked into Dave’s office. Dave was the mentor she’d been assigned when she joined the company, a multinational engineering conglomerate. He was their top sales producer. A real living legend. “You’re Read More

Temptation: it always seems like a good idea at the timeMany leaders I meet are searching for a silver bullet.Feeling pressure to improve performance, they look too quickly to the outside for answers—shuffling their management teams, buying and selling businesses, Read More

A psychotherapist friend of mine, call him, ‘Max’, told me this story about a client he once helped. The guy said he wanted to give up smoking cannabis. He’d seen a bunch of therapists who’d tried all kinds of reasonable-sounding Read More