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Maria Franzoni recently interviewed me for The Speaker Show podcast. We discussed key ideas from my book, Start With What Works, including:Profit Amplification. How do you provide more and more value to your customers without increasing your costs to the Read More

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We launched my new book on November 8th, and I'm delighted about the company it's keeping on the Amazon best seller list (It's the green one - Committed Action: The three-step method to inspire your people to take ownership and Read More

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On one of the first occasions I drove 'solo' as a newly qualified teenager driver, I thought I'd broken my Mum's car (this was before the time I actually crashed it). As I drove off from the kerb outside my friend's house, Read More

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I advocate an approach called “Utilising your hidden resources”. It’s an approach with a lot of advantages. It boosts your productivity, because you’re getting more out of what you have already paid for.It also keeps you ahead of the competition, Read More

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An old teacher of mine used to like to point out that, “At one time, there was no money in the world. And now there’s a lot!” His point was that wealth isn’t ‘out there’ waiting for us to grab Read More