The laser printer was whirring when the new saleswoman walked into Dave’s office. Dave was the mentor she’d been assigned when she joined the company, a multinational engineering conglomerate. He was their top sales producer. A real living legend. “You’re Read More

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Jeremy Corbyn just achieved a surprising show of unity at a generally good-natured Labour Party conference. MPs who recently plotted his downfall are now rallying behind him, and the bookies have shortened his odds of becoming Prime Minister to an Read More

Mention ‘networking’ and most people think of it as a necessary evil for job hunting, or, if they are in professional services, for business development. Far fewer people think about internal networking, but as the business world accelerates, it’s more Read More

I created this visual for a professional service firm that was toying with some innovative approaches to winning business (both new and repeat). I say ‘toying with’ because they weren’t actually taking serious action, they were just talking in circles. Read More

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