by Andrew Bass  |  "How To's", Change, Communication

It was a pleasure to fill in at short notice when the keynote speaker had to drop out due to an illness. My topic was Communication For Change. Here’s one of the key points from that session, which I also Read More

by Andrew Bass  |  Change, Change-&-Persistence

I ran one of my Breakfast Roundtables last week. One executive told us a story about a shared services centre in a large construction business. This centre has recently done a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project. If you’re not familiar Read More

by Andrew Bass  |  Change

How to get away with heresy. Everybody knows that organizational change efforts tend to disappoint. Even when they don’t fail completely, these efforts rarely match the hype of the ‘kick-off’ meeting.Management educators don’t help as much as you might expect. Read More

Napoleon famously called England “A nation of shopkeepers”. We’re in danger of becoming a Nation of Waiters. I’m not talking about the people who bring you lunch in a restaurant. I’m talking about people who delay and delay before taking Read More

Temptation: it always seems like a good idea at the timeMany leaders I meet are searching for a silver bullet.Feeling pressure to improve performance, they look too quickly to the outside for answers—shuffling their management teams, buying and selling businesses, Read More