A couple of weeks ago, I travelled to Strathclyde Business School to deliver a seminar about communication and change. The seminar was part of the national Productivity through People (PtP) initiative. PtP is for SME leaders who want to create Read More

Tapping into customer insights is a hugely underutilized approach in many companies. In my latest newsletter I tell the story of how a potato products company invited consumers into the business, and learned about potential for new products that was Read More

On my way home I often have to stop at the same set of traffic lights. The first time I was stuck at those lights, my attention was caught by an unusual sign. It said UTCHE. That confused me momentarily. I Read More

I talk a lot about using the hidden and underestimated resources that businesses have already. By looking at them through the lens of your customer’s perspective, you can often find exciting insights promising dramatic growth. Now exciting insights are nice. But Read More

In mid-May 2016, I was in Amsterdam with colleagues from around the world. It was shortly before the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. Although we — like the pundits — were expecting a ‘Remain’ vote at Read More