The laser printer was whirring when the new saleswoman walked into Dave’s office. Dave was the mentor she’d been assigned when she joined the company, a multinational engineering conglomerate. He was their top sales producer. A real living legend. “You’re Read More

A psychotherapist friend of mine, call him, ‘Max’, told me this story about a client he once helped. The guy said he wanted to give up smoking cannabis. He’d seen a bunch of therapists who’d tried all kinds of reasonable-sounding Read More

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The South China Sea is often in the news as a geopolitical and economic hot-spot. What are the factors that make this region so strategically important, and what lessons does this have for business growth? Here are some key factors: Read More

It sounds like a contradiction but I wonder if that’s what Daimler has managed to do. They’ve certainly got great coverage in the FT today.  They’ve produced automated (not autonomous) versions of their trucks, fitted them with snow ploughs, and Read More

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People talk about the wisdom of crowds – but it depends on the crowd! I was in Amsterdam last week for a meeting with colleagues about the role of design thinking in innovation. I returned to the UK via the Read More