Tapping into customer insights is a hugely underutilized approach in many companies. In my latest newsletter I tell the story of how a potato products company invited consumers into the business, and learned about potential for new products that was Read More

On my way home I often have to stop at the same set of traffic lights. The first time I was stuck at those lights, my attention was caught by an unusual sign. It said UTCHE. That confused me momentarily. I Read More

It will take a couple of minutes to read this, and a few more to make the lists. Any one of the items you come up with could make a dramatic difference to your next 90 days, and beyond. I’m Read More

‘Feedback’ is much misunderstood, yet it is crucial for learning and performance, for both individuals and organizations as a whole. Andrew explains why obtaining feedback is so important, and how to go about getting it. He covers: Why feedback only Read More

by Andrew Bass  |  Blog, Use in The Next 10 Minutes

Listen to serving government ministers of all political stripes and they will try to convince you of their worth by telling you how much money they have poured into a particular strategic area, usually health, education or policing. It is surprisingly Read More