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Fear is a bigger factor in organizational life than we like to admit, and it works against many of the best-practices that are espoused by leaders and their gurus. Reduce fear, and a lot of good things can happen. To Read More

Tapping into customer insights is a hugely underutilized approach in many companies. In my latest newsletter I tell the story of how a potato products company invited consumers into the business, and learned about potential for new products that was Read More

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Kids test boundaries to learn what works and what doesn’t. It can be annoying, but it’s apparently a necessary process. And it’s a process that wise adults handle with care, because there are traps. The critical parent succumbs to their Read More

I created this visual for a professional service firm that was toying with some innovative approaches to winning business (both new and repeat). I say ‘toying with’ because they weren’t actually taking serious action, they were just talking in circles. Read More

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Your biggest competitor is often “We’ll do it ourselves” or “We’ll do without”. You address this by understanding your customer better. This is a totally different approach to competition from looking across at rivals and trying to do what they Read More