Just give a minute of serious consideration to each of these three ideas to boost your influence, your grace under pressure and your organization’s ability to thrive in an uncertain future. When you've read them, ask yourself, “How can I use Read More

Napoleon famously called England “A nation of shopkeepers”. We’re in danger of becoming a Nation of Waiters. I’m not talking about the people who bring you lunch in a restaurant. I’m talking about people who delay and delay before taking Read More

Nick Bostrom, a philosopher from Oxford, and Elon Musk, everybody’s favourite example of an entrepreneur these days, both seriously seem to believe we are living in a computer simulation like the one in the film, The Matrix. I think they’re Read More

by Andrew Bass  |  Blog, Innovation, Managing Uncertainty

Kids test boundaries to learn what works and what doesn’t. It can be annoying, but it’s apparently a necessary process. And it’s a process that wise adults handle with care, because there are traps. The critical parent succumbs to their Read More

It sounds like a contradiction but I wonder if that’s what Daimler has managed to do. They’ve certainly got great coverage in the FT today.  They’ve produced automated (not autonomous) versions of their trucks, fitted them with snow ploughs, and Read More