I created this visual for a professional service firm that was toying with some innovative approaches to winning business (both new and repeat). I say ‘toying with’ because they weren’t actually taking serious action, they were just talking in circles. Read More

A lot of effort goes into explaining strategy to shareholders and industry watchers, but that’s only one of at least three audiences who need to hear about it. Another of the three stories you must tell is that to your talent Read More

I’m not sure the original attribution of the following visual – I think Jack Welch talked about the principle in a video I saw once. I’d welcome a note telling me the original source. I include it anyway because it Read More

Too many changes are described in vague language. We want to “go from good to great”, or “get to the next level”, or we want to resolve “communication issues” or “get people to take ownership”.  These are all fine as Read More

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I am a great admirer of the work of Col. John R. Boyd (he was an ace fighter pilot, dog-fighting instructor, engineer, military strategist, historian of science, and often unacknowledged influence in the military and business worlds. I highly recommend Robert Read More