Napoleon famously called England “A nation of shopkeepers”. We’re in danger of becoming a Nation of Waiters. I’m not talking about the people who bring you lunch in a restaurant. I’m talking about people who delay and delay before taking Read More

Imagine the scene. It’s the early hours of the morning. A young engineer lies awake, unable to sleep because of the excitement. After what seems like an hour of trying to find a comfy position to nod off, he checks Read More

Anyone can get caught in a bubble – it happens without you realising it. And even if you notice, it can be hard to escape.I remember one CEO telling me that his big worry was isolation. Not emotional isolation, but Read More

I was working with a pharmaceutical distribution business that needed to innovate, and fast. Drugs were coming off-patent, and industry forces were going to change who made money and how. The MD was worried. He was also frustrated that his Read More