A psychotherapist friend of mine, call him, ‘Max’, told me this story about a client he once helped. The guy said he wanted to give up smoking cannabis. He’d seen a bunch of therapists who’d tried all kinds of reasonable-sounding Read More

You’ve heard the old business joke, right? “A consultant is a person who borrows your watch and tells you the time.” I’m a consultant myself, and I love that joke. Still, it’s not always true. I think that it’s fine Read More

We know much more than we remember. And intriguingly, we often already know the answers to our most pressing problems. It’s just that we can’t find our way to them. Let me explain. I’ve not taken enough holiday photos. I Read More

by Andrew Bass  |  Blog, Leadership, Self-created Problems

Chief Executives are usually – understandably and appropriately – concerned with the legacy they leave when they retire. They want the storyboard, the narrative arc of their tenure, to have a beginning and a middle working up to a strong ending, which sees them leaving Read More

Results-oriented leaders get understandably frustrated with anything that slows  progress on their strategic objectives. Particularly pernicious – albeit common – are time-wasting games of the ‘them-and-us’ variety. Have a look at the following footage (you may need to paste it Read More