The laser printer was whirring when the new saleswoman walked into Dave’s office. Dave was the mentor she’d been assigned when she joined the company, a multinational engineering conglomerate. He was their top sales producer. A real living legend. “You’re Read More

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The South China Sea is often in the news as a geopolitical and economic hot-spot. What are the factors that make this region so strategically important, and what lessons does this have for business growth? Here are some key factors: Read More

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You know when someone comes up with a business idea and asks what you think of it? It’s a tricky moment, because your answer will necessarily be an opinion. Now, if a) you are an expert and b) the business Read More

In this issue, I talk about how the best business-to-consumer companies have raised service expectations so much that if you are in B2B you may need to raise your game, and fast. The good news is that it can be Read More

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Most leaders I meet say that they want these same things from their organizations: increased pace and urgency people taking ownership and accountability increased collaboration Sounds great, but in reality their are many things that make this difficult: slow hierarchical Read More