Temptation: it always seems like a good idea at the timeMany leaders I meet are searching for a silver bullet.Feeling pressure to improve performance, they look too quickly to the outside for answers—shuffling their management teams, buying and selling businesses, Read More

I’m not sure of the original attribution of the accompanying visual – I think Jack Welch talked about the principle in a video I saw once. It speaks to an issue that I see too often: organizations have nice posters Read More

I talk a lot about using the hidden and underestimated resources that businesses have already. By looking at them through the lens of your customer’s perspective, you can often find exciting insights promising dramatic growth. Now exciting insights are nice. But Read More

by Andrew Bass  |  Blog, Tools

When it comes to reviewing performance, there’s generally too much focus on mistakes. As one manager said to me: “Around here, praise amounts to the absence of criticism.” Here’s the fundamental flaw with that approach: if you want to improve Read More

I created this visual for a professional service firm that was toying with some innovative approaches to winning business (both new and repeat). I say ‘toying with’ because they weren’t actually taking serious action, they were just talking in circles. Read More