Don’t waste the resources you already have

By Andrew Bass | Newsletter

Your Hidden Gold can create new revenue, boost your productivity and make you stand out in a world where competitors all look the same.

But people waste time and money looking for silver bullets.

The Silver Bullets people put their faith in include…

  • Hiring a “Rockstar”
  • Signing up to some new software solution
  • Doing an acquisition
  • In contrast, there's Hidden Gold in almost any business that you can find if you know the questions to ask...

  • Entrepreneurial Resources (non-financial assets an entrepreneur would kill for)
  • Implied Resources (wonderful capabilities you take for granted but could be monetizing)
  • Cinderella Resources (underestimated talent you have already)
  • Please don't misunderstand: I'm all for hiring great people, having the right software, and indeed (if you know how to do them) intelligent acquisitions.

    The problem is when those things are treated as saviours. People get excited but they don't factor in the well-documented risks. Plus going outside too soon undervalues what you already have. It's demotivating. The message to people is, "you can't do it so I'll get someone who can."

    Andy's Advice

    Before you seek a saviour, get your team together and have a Treasure Hunt – ask the questions that uncover overlooked value. Hidden Gold costs little or nothing extra, is already integrated, and can be brought into service much faster and with lower risk.

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