Thank you for requesting my latest white paper: Rationally Fearless™: A Leader’s Guide to Bad Fear, Good Fear and No Fear. It provides ten key ideas:

  1. Strategists, know thy fears.
  2. Take Fearlessness to the Red-line, But Not Beyond.
  3. Understand Real Fears and Real Incentives.
  4. Mind Your Language: Stop Talking About ‘Failing Fast’.
  5. Distinguish Urgency from Panic.
  6. Bring Denial into the Light of Day.
  7. Get the Messenger a Bulletproof Vest!
  8. Fearlessly Uphold Your Values.
  9. Reduce Moral Hazard: ensure People Have Skin in The Game.
  10. Make Sure People Fear the Right Things.


If you are in a hurry, the attachment opens with a one-page summary. I’d love to know your thoughts: call me on +44 (0) 121 427 7217 or pop me an email.

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