Multiplying Value – Improving the Productivity of Your People
and Your Business Using What You’ve Already Got

What do you do if you want to increase the productivity of limited
resources, but without stressing, abusing or burning out your people?
It turns out that once you start looking for ways to create more value from what you already have, while at the same time helping your people to grow, you can tap into more ingenuity and productive potential than you thought possible.

The report provides five key ideas:

  1. Delegate a mission, not the task
  2. Don’t impose ‘solutions’: Enable people to create their own improvements
  3. Set ‘impossible but fun’ challenges
  4. Tap into what people know but haven’t been asked
  5. Repackage what you already have

To chat about how these ideas apply to your business’s growth, call me on 0121 313 3594 or email me.

 We have published this report with Andy as a tool for local businesses looking to boost their productivity, unlock the full potential of their people and ultimately, raise their bottom line. It’s also a showcase of how Greater Birmingham businesses, of all sizes and from a range of sectors, are at the
forefront of best practice leadership and people management.

In these pages, we look at five key ways you can multiply value by improving the productivity of your people and your business using what you’ve already got. Each key is illustrated by case studies from Chamber members that have already inspired us. We hope they will inspire you.

Paul Faulkner
CEO, Greater Birmingham
Chambers of Commerce

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