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Every business has untapped potential. In this eBook, I’ve identified seven of the best ways to release it. Use these methods to improve results without adding or cutting your existing resources, and with low-to zero additional costs.

The seven approaches covered in this guide:

Key One

Value Proposition Potential: Play the 'Bundling Game' to maximise value to the customer

Key Two

Frontline Potential: Tap into ideas from the frontline

Key Three

Ownership Potential: Give control to get control

Key Four

Productivity Potential: Run 'Model Days' (or weeks)

Key Five

Relationship Potential: Create richer networks with your customers and partners

Key Six

Mindset Potential: Reverse through apparent limitations

Key Seven

Performance Potential: Supercharge everything with real feedback

None of these approaches need be expensive. The idea is to tip the first domino.

Success with any of these approaches will mean that people have behaved in new ways, achieving results that are intrinsically rewarding. As they succeed in new ways, their understandings of what is possible begin to change. People realise they can be effective in creating change. They want to do more. You see engagement and ownership spike. And you gain learning that can make you much more confident in making subsequent investments to capitalise on the progress. Download the eBook for free.