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Executive Advisory With Andy Bass

Often, clients prefer an advisory relationship to a traditional consulting project. For example, they might prefer to use their internal resources to achieve their goals, but want access to ongoing advice and perspective as their teams work to improve their business’s performance.

This is a perfect match for my Use What You Have approach. As issues arise, we work together to figure out how to leverage your existing resources in response, and how to remove the hindrances to a successful outcome. You get more benefit from people you are already paying for, and they get further development as a bonus. This approach really helps with engagement, buy-in and retention of talent.

Within an advisory relationship, I serve as an advisor, partner and sounding board on a regularly-scheduled basis, or can respond on-demand—usually within a couple of hours. Where it makes sense, we can extend this access to your direct reports and other key stakeholders.

Typically, we’ll be working on things like this:

  • Handling a set-back in implementing an important strategy.
  • Surmounting an impasse on an important decision.
  • Handling a key employee who isn’t performing as expected.
  • Generating and testing new, innovative ideas either for internal operations or for market-facing products and services.
  • Exploiting unexpected wins.
  • Taking on a challenging new goal.
  • Preparing for a difficult meeting, presentation or negotiation.
  • Managing a complex situation with conflicted stakeholders.
  • Clarifying an ambiguous strategic problem, that you’re not sure how to address.

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“Andy Bass is exactly the guy that every president or CEO needs. The fact is, senior leaders can get pretty isolated. We can’t share every thought with our employees, and most of them will be guarded about challenging or bringing tough messages, in case it affects their jobs. With Andy, though, you can discuss any business matter, and you know you’ll get a smart, knowledgeable view. Plus, he’ll call you on gaps in your thinking and when required, steer you towards something better.”

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“I have known Andy for many years and as a consultant, coach and mentor he has the rare ability to mix the theory, intellectual rigour and practicality into a real value added offering to the businesses and individuals he works with.”

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“Andrew displays this rare mix of confidence, humanity, subject knowledge and wonderful dexterity in his coaching. His insightful approach and focus on achieving results are impressive. Highly recommendable consultant if you are looking for a true professional.”