How the bundling game can accelerate your strategy

By Andrew Bass | Blog, Strategy, Value Building

Most leaders I meet say that they want these same things from their organizations:

  • increased pace and urgency
  • people taking ownership and accountability
  • increased collaboration

Sounds great, but in reality their are many things that make this difficult: slow hierarchical decision-making processes, people covering themselves, or even playing games to protect their local interests. People will also say that it’s hard for them to take ownership when they are constrained by strategic decisions made at higher pay grades.

Given that overall strategy does have to be set from the top, how do you give people appropriate latitude to innovate and collaborate?

A great way to get these things going is to encourage people to seek profitable growth by playing the bundling game – seeking to rebundle existing or easily modifiable products and services to better serve the needs they learn about in their daily interactions with customers and clients. I’ve described a number of bundling tactics in a couple of last year’s newsletters.

The point is that your existing strategy can be enhanced during its execution without needing a strategy review, and that the ideas that come out may well mean that the next review takes you a lot further.

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