How To Fix Boring Town Hall Meetings

By Andrew Bass | Articles, Newsletter

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So-called Town Hall or All Hands meetings can be DEADLY boring. No one really wants to sit through all those bullet points, stock images and lists of metrics.

Ready for a change? If you want your event to have an impact, here’s what to do:

Invite your customers’ decision-makers to talk to your staff.

Five reasons to do it:

  1. Customers are more believable. When they talk about how much they need quality, on-time delivery and service, it carries a lot more weight than if you say it. Customers are not seen as having any ulterior motive such as boosting their bonuses.
  2. Employees love to hear that their work is appreciated by customers. Mostly they don’t get any feedback. Even if they do, taking the boss’s word for it is never as compelling as hearing it direct from the customer
  3. Customers really enjoy it. It’s a massive compliment that you value their opinion so much. They'll feel like a celebrity. It’s the cheat-code for strengthening your relationship.
  4. It's very easy and inexpensive. If they can’t make it on site, see if you can get them to speak on video.
  5. You can chat to your customers while making the arrangements and showing them around. You’ll pick up insights and opportunities that your competitors will miss out on.

This is so obvious. But when I suggest it, people look at me like I've got two heads (if they tell the truth, it’s because it sounds scary). 

When you do it though, the effect is amazing. It’ll fire people up like you won’t believe.