How We Work

We work in a style of high-impact consulting which is based on collaboration and involvement with our clients throughout the process (not clocking up endless hours to produce dense reports that will do nothing but gather dust on a shelf).

  • Our focus is on business results, not ‘deliverables’ or reports
  • We transfer skills, ownership and accountability to your people so that when we disengage, your organization can sustain the improvements.
  • Our projects are organized around clear business objectives and measures which we track with you on a regular basis throughout the project – that way, we can adjust our approach when needed, and quickly capitalise on rapid progress as it occurs.

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Our Guarantee

The quality of our work is guaranteed. If you are not happy with the quality of our work, then you may seek a refund of the whole fee, or a proportion of the total fee reflecting your perception of value rendered. Should a client choose to invoke the guarantee (it’s never happened), we would encourage and welcome them to call and discuss their feedback.