You want new growth but need more resources...

Start With What Works is a business growth formula we have been perfecting for years.

  • It's based on timeless truths of business known to serial entrepreneurs, transformation CEOs and supportive investors.

  • We've applied it to established businesses of all shapes and sizes, on three continents.

The big picture: The approach works because any established business will have built up hidden assets it can use to reignite growth. But if they're hidden, you can't use them! Start With What Works shows you how to see these resources, how to use them to create new value for customers, and how to get your people committed to implementation.

Why it matters

Is this you...?

You need more growth, or what's tougher, you've promised other people more growth. But when you ask your team for ideas, what you hear doesn't convince you. 

Their ideas sound expensive and risky. They all seem to depend on spending a lot of money and time on new resources way before you can find out if those resources will do the job. Maybe they're advising you to do things like: 

  • hire 'rockstar' sales people
  • buy into some miraculous new SaaS product 
  • jump into a hot market you know little about
  • or even do an acquisition.  

(we call these 'Saviour Solutions').

Even if you could get the money, you worry: "Any of these these things MIGHT work, but they might just be expensive mistakes."

The bottom line: You feel sure that you could be doing better with what you've got already. But how?

Are you sitting on a goldmine?

The truth is that many businesses are sitting on what amounts to Hidden Gold: overlooked, under-appreciated and re-purposable resources that they could use to create growth with low or no capital investment.

Businesses are too quick to look outside: they seek the false security of "best practices", or the thrill of some exotic new fad.

In his book Start With What Works, Andy provides many examples of how businesses both big and small have seen their existing resources in a new light, and used them to create a new, higher-growth future. 

Listen to Andy discussing the Start With What Works approach on The Speaker Show.

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