You want to avoid being commoditized...

In the eyes of your customers, are you offering the same as everybody else, making it more difficult to win business & protect your margins? Are you frustrated that prospective customers can't tell that you're better than your competitors, think they're just comparing "apples to apples", and that all they're interested in is getting a deal? 

In a business that becomes commoditized...

  • The conversation is all about price
  • Customers don't respond to your supposed points of differentiation – things that used to be 'order winners' are now just 'order qualifiers'.
  • Salespeople are too quick to offer discounts
  • You're doing a lot of stuff for free in an attempt to separate yourself from the competition - customers are even starting to expect it
  • You have to get more and more efficient just to hold your margins
  • People keep saying you need to think about new 'business models'

If this is ringing true, it's a big problem. And so is this...

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Everyone has access to the same ideas!

The world has changed. It is really easy to be commoditized. Everyone has access to the same 'best practices'. Everyone has access to the same business school theories. Everyone has access to the same tools. Everyone seems the same.


(Being different is not about being wild and crazy - it's about identifying your unique resources and putting them together in ways that make you different - BETTER - than the competition.)

The good news...

The good news is you can create more differentiated value with resources you probably have already. You and your team can find those resources, put them together in unique combinations, and stand out in the eyes of your customers and clients. Check out a free sample chapter of Start With What Works to see how.

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