You want to reinvent the business before you run out of road...

Very often a forward-thinking leader will say, "We're doing well now, but there's a threat, and if we don't come up with something, our best days will soon be behind us." That threat could come from a new technology, like AI. It could be a regulatory change (there are many that are energy-related at the moment). It could be the rise of a disruptive competitor. It could also be something internal, like complacency – people assume that because you were the best, customers still see you that way today.

Can your organization learn fast enough?

If your rate of learning is slower than the rate of change in your environment, you're in trouble. Typical problems...

  • Your people can't or won't recognise that a proven formula is fast approaching its sell-by date.
  • They think the answer is just to redouble your current efforts.
  • They may even fight efforts to change, seeing them as implicit criticism of what they're doing today.
  • Even if they recognise the problem, they can't come up with anything you can afford to do.

So you have a twin challenge: come up with a new formula, and bring your people with you.

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