Remember the nail-biting scene in the James Bond film Moonraker when Bond is pushed out of an aircraft without a parachute? Most people would be overcome with panic and would plummet screaming to the ground.

Not our hero.

He spots another villain skydiving below him, grimaces with determination, and dives to intercept. After a tussle, he secures the parachute, and it’s the villain that tumbles away screaming.

But there’s no time to relax. Now Bond is set upon from above by his would-be nemesis, Jaws…!

Bond prevails of course. What’s his mindset?  It’s one that former Canadian paratrooper and military police instructor Sean Bacon systematically inculcates in his trainees, both in the military and these days in business.

Here’s one of his key principles. Whatever happens, and however many twists and turns there are, “Do something about it!”. 

Sean tells me in military exercises, instructors would make sure things went wrong – one damn thing after another – so that their trainees learned to be unrelenting. Every time the trainee would hesitate, the instructing staff would simply shout, “Do something about it!”

The mindset this fosters was a crucial factor in how one of his buddies survived a jump after his parachute failed. It’s how pilots with the right stuff (think Sully Sullenberger) land the plane. 

And it’s how modern CEOs must think in order to deal with the world of dizzying uncertainty in which we now live.

This is just one of Sean’s principles. I’m chairing a complementary online session with Sean at 4pm on 17th June. 

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