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Minimalist Intervention for maximal effects


A small change, if it’s the right one, can have huge results. But much of what we do has only a proportionate, linear effect. In even the most successful executive’s career, relatively few actions lead to truly dramatic progress.

So imagine if you could systematically increase the number of those actions.

This exciting idea – dramatic change from small, catalytic actions – recurs in the business best-sellers in the form of ‘nudges’, ‘tipping points’ and the ’80:20′ principle.

It’s one thing to discuss examples after the event, but the challenge is to pinpoint the right catalytic action in advance. In collaboration with Interchange Research, headed by the University of Oxford philosopher and scientist, Dr James Wilk, we offer a way to do just that.

This know-how has already achieved stunning returns on investment for its early adopters. If you are looking for new approaches to mission-critical, apparently intractable, challenges then we can help.

Read more, or contact Andrew Bass for an informal discussion and to explore whether the challenges you are facing would be amenable to a Minimalist Intervention approach.