NetworkAbility: Building your business – one relationship at a time

This practical handbook breaks down the process of building and developing strong business relationships into achievable steps. It will change the way you think about networking, will give you effective skills and, if you need it, increase your confidence.

It is written for people who run organizations, people who work for them, and people who want to work for or with them, and is based on experience helping over two thousand professionals, executives and business school students in six countries to make more sales, get more job offers or achieve promotions.

Learning to network well (i.e. so that business or results flow reliably from it) is a skill that takes most people considerable sustained effort. This book will make sure you understand networking properly so you will know why you are there, whether in fact you should be there, and specifically what to do before, during and, most importantly, after meeting someone, in order to develop relationships that bring results.

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“At last, here’s an illuminating, inspiring, friendly and helpful book about networking. Learning that being ‘interested’ is more useful in networking than being ‘interesting’ is just one among the many great lessons to learn.

In this invaluable book, Dr Andrew Bass and Helga Henry share how they’ve achieved success through their many years of effective networking. Their book has a value exponentially greater than it’s price.”

Michael Wolff

Royal Designer, founder of Wolff Olins

When you’ve read this book you’ll understand that networking is a business skill that can be learnt, is simple and effective. But more importantly you’ll be able to tie it to your business goals, measure the effectiveness and impact it has on your business or department. Andy and Helga bust plenty of myths like, “Just be yourself,” “It’s all about the old boy’s network,” “I’ve left it too long to get back in touch” and explain why smalltalk isn’t so “small”. They explain cutting edge listening and communicating skills, use creativity and provide structure to help you make steady and cumulative growth in your network.

Debbie Jenkins


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