Post COVID, ‘Best Practice’ won’t cut it

By Andrew Bass | Articles

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Businesses have to solve their own post-COVID puzzles, not force-fit ‘best practice’ solutions in areas where there are none.

‘Best practice’ has always been an invitation to undifferentiated blandness, but post-COVID it could be even more dangerous.

There are many in the thought-leadership game who can put together an intelligent synthesis of best practice and theory, then write it up using authoritative-sounding language. They are now turning their attention to producing ‘playbooks’ for the post-COVID world.

My question is: “How do they know?”

You can’t risk applying a generic synthesis, however intelligent and authoritative, and trust it to work in your very new world.

What I’d urge you to do instead is to figure out the answer to your particular post-COVID puzzles with the people with the best information: your customers, your suppliers, your employees. Doing this properly will also spark your own insights, tapping into the resources of your knowledge and experience in new ways.

The good news is that between you and your most important stakeholders, you likely have the pieces to solve your specific puzzles, be they strategic, operational or workplace. And if you do that, then instead of following the pundits’ playbooks and looking like everyone else, you can create something unique.

How do you find and fit these puzzle pieces together? We’ve helped leaders and their stakeholders to solve their own unique puzzles in many situations (in one case for example, we helped a business facing the evaporation of its market to transform then sell itself, saving everyone’s jobs and securing bigger roles for the directors in the process).

As as well as doing that kind of thing in person, we now have a great way to do it online. If you want to understand how this could work for you, let’s schedule a quick call:

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