Profit Amplification

By Andrew Bass | Articles, Blog, Newsletter

Maria Franzoni recently interviewed me for The Speaker Show podcast. We discussed key ideas from my book, Start With What Works, including:

  • Profit Amplification. How do you provide more and more value to your customers without increasing your costs to the same extent? See Line 3 on the graph.
  • Avoiding the seductiveness and hidden risk of 'Saviour Solutions'.
  • How most managers start with what doesn't work, rather than what does, and why flipping their mindset could be a real breakthrough.
  • Ways to create more productivity and growth using resources you have already.

You can access audio and video versions of the conversation at:

Focus on what's working...

In Start With What Works: a faster way to grow your business, I show you how you can:

  • flip your mindset to see overlooked potential in your business
  • find hidden growth resources and ideas you can exploit quickly - the business equivalent of 'cash in the attic'
  • test ideas quickly at low cost and low risk
  • engage your people in the process to build enthusiasm and commitment
  • use these ideas to release change in your organization
  • apply the ideas to your own career

Download a Sample chapter and free resources.

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