Sometimes there is no substitute for dedicated  interactive support. I’ve helped:

– Senior executives to move ahead on strategic decisions, key promotions, handling dissent among their senior team, reducing high employee turnover, influencing difficult people.

– Newly appointed managers to turn around struggling departments.

– High potential specialists to make the transition into general management or into the partnership of professional service firms.

– Competent ‘back room’ performers to take a role centre-stage.

– Individual entrepreneurs to refine, plan for and achieve their goals.

We are all individuals, and one-to-one consulting relationships are unique, so my approach is flexible. Some of the roles I play are supporter, devil’s advocate, provocateur, performance coach, confidential sounding-board and collaborator.

I offer coaching packages for frequently-encountered situations, as well as bespoke approaches when required.

Many thanks for all your help in thinking about the strategic issues my company and role face. The additional clarity has been invaluable, as has been the work we have done to enhance the way in which I have communicated this within the organisation.

Karl Pestell | Head of Market Risk, Centrica Plc

One of the most important factors for clients is that I am someone who is outside their organizational politics with a simple incentive: just to help you achieve a result.

I work one-to-one with clients in a number of modes. These usually get called:

  • Executive coaching,
  • Mentoring, or
  • One-to-one consulting.

We can work together face-to-face, on the phone or by skype, by email, or in some combination – whatever works best to get the job done given the inevitable pressure on your time.

Andy helped to clarify key goals and development plans, and also adapted his approach as particular issues arose. He gave relevant and direct advice which I could apply. I obtained my goals – he delivered.

Ben Thornber | Partner, Martineau

Sometimes my role includes being more ambitious on my client’s behalf than they think they ought to be – typically with pleasantly surprising results for them!

Those aspects of my background with a formal relevance to working one-to-one include:

  • Former Director of the Psychology and Management Programme at Aston Business School.
  • Multiple NLP qualifications, including Trainer, and extensive experience training others in NLP in both business and clinical settings.
  • Longstanding advisor to the award-winning Birmingham Future Mentoring Scheme.
  • Consistently highly-rated faculty-member for the Aston Centre for Executive Development.
  • Experience in developing internal coaching and consulting capabilities for a variety of corporate clients.

I also draw on a highly eclectic background which means I can find new angles, information and insights on issues far beyond coaching orthodoxy.

Andrew has a gift for offering unusual ways to look at issues that make the right decision suddenly seem clear.

James Stevenson | Group Risk and Insurance Manager, SEGRO Plc

Andy, I wanted to reiterate my appreciation for the work you have done both with me and with our key managers over the last 18 months. It has made a clear, dramatic difference to our business.

Kathryn Smith | Managing Director, Databuild Ltd


Next Step

However good the consultant or coach, and however much those providing referrals and testimonials find their work valuable, there is a vital element which also need to be there: some people call it ‘the chemistry’. You and I both need to feel happy that we can work together. So the first step is an informal conversation, and assuming things go well, we can then get into specifics of what you want to achieve, and how I can help.

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