As a senior executive, you can’t be everywhere at once. So you have to rely on reports and other remote information gathering in order to make sure your business is on track.

But do any of these four potential problems make you uneasy?

  • Delays – reports of results come after behaviours have taken place: so do you have the right leading indicators? Do they provide you with information early enough?
  • Noise – just like Chinese Whispers, each link in a reporting chain can inadvertently change the message so that it is useless to you when it arrives.
  • Selective Filtering – links in the chain will often adjust the message on purpose in order to mask the very problems you need to know about, or avoid being the messenger who gets shot.
  • “The Searchlight Effect” –in a prison break movie, the escapees make sure that things look fine whenever there is a scheduled inspection or sweep of the searchlight. All routine and pre-announced reviews are subject to the same effect.

An Organizational Audit will get round these problems, and give you an accurate, evidence-based picture of how things are really going so that you can take timely action to either nip problems in the bud, or reinforce and capitalise on encouraging new developments.

An Organizational Audit is framed by a key question. We’ll develop key question(s) with you to ensure they are tailored to your situation, but to give you an idea, here are some typical ones:

  • Is your organization walking its talk? Is it really doing what it promises at the frontline?
  • Is your strategy being turned into action? Or are the right noises being made while business continues as it always has?
  • How ready is your organization for change? Do people mean it when they say they support you, or are they just avoiding career-limiting moves? Is buy-in real, or are you getting lip-service?

Here’s a rapid and cost-effective way to pinpoint problems before they get serious, and if you’re confident that you are currently doing really well, it’s also a way to find opportunities to raise the bar even further.

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