– Tap more fully into your resources

– Prototype your way to success

– Reduce risks

You have already made substantial investments in products, services, markets, people, systems, equipment and so on. What if you could get more results from greater use of the resources you have?

No doubt as an experienced manager you can recall any number of grand change interventions which achieved slow, disappointing or even counter-productive effects. Template-heavy change management approaches often fall short of their promise. Recognising this, it’s not unusual for the seasoned manager to have a ‘heartsink’ moment at the sight of consulting shops sending in armies of bright freshly-minted analysts wielding toolkits, spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides. After all, ‘clever’ doesn’t always mean ‘sophisticated’, especially when cultural sensitivity or deep customer insights are involved – which of course they almost always are.

Snowball Projects offer a disciplined alternative approach to performance improvement that emphasises the use of your own resources, while reducing  risks by gaining ongoing feedback from the real world.

By adopting the Snowball approach, you get to:

  • Get real results quickly.
  • Make and adjust decisions using up-to-date feedback, rather than over-summarised snapshots from studies originated months earlier.
  • Stay closely oriented to buyers and markets.
  • Benefit from the experience and knowledge of the people who really understand how your operations work: those close to the customers, intimately familiar with your systems and idiosyncratic patterns of pressure, demand etc.
  • Maximise the ownership of change taken by the people who will be around once the intervention is complete – i.e. your people.
  • Benefit from the experience and knowledge of your middle managers – those who are too often neglected or patronised by external change agents (at the cost of inevitable ‘resistance’).
  • Maximise your return on existing investments (e.g. in systems, equipment and people) as well as new ones.
  • Avoid over-reliance on outside help.
  • Strengthen your internal management and leadership capabilities – snowballing provides excellent opportunities to develop people.
  • Build enthusiasm, word-of-mouth support and buy-in from the ground up.


The result is change that sticks because it fits your business’s unique situation, and an organization with greater belief in itself (rather than in the need to call in the cavalry whenever things get challenging).