Stated vs Actual Priorities

There’s big difference between stated priorities and actual priorities.

If you want to know what the stated priorities are, look at what people say in their PowerPoint presentations. But if you want to know if it’s a real priority, you have to think like a detective. Ask yourself the following:

“If this initiative is, really, seriously an active priority of this business, what clues should I be able to find? What must absolutely be happening NOW that will prove it?”

For example, if selling that new product really is a priority, don’t wait until you can see the sales numbers – it’s too late.

Ask yourself what must be happening today if that new product is genuinely a priority?

That could be:

  1. Email correspondence shows follow-up on meetings with buyers where the product was discussed.
  2. Technical experts on the new products have been asked to accompany sales people on calls.
  3. Samples are being requested from the new products team.

.. or a host of other bits of evidence depending on your unique situation.

Results don’t appear out of a vacuum. Any goal presupposes certain actions that must happen first. To make sure your organization is serious about its stated priorities, look for these actions – they offer much better information than any PowerPoint progress report.