by Andrew Bass  |  Articles, Newsletter

So-called Town Hall or All Hands meetings can be DEADLY boring. No one really wants to sit through all those bullet points, stock images and lists of metrics.Ready for a change? If you want your event to have an impact, Read More

by Andrew Bass  |  Articles, Newsletter

If this is such a great idea to Start With What Works – if it really means the chance to find a new level of success with lower risk – why don’t more organizations do it? Let’s look at some Read More

Andy shares three reasons why your efforts to create a burning platform are going to go up in smoke. Read More

A key responsibility of leaders – especially in uncertain times – is to reduce ambiguity for their followers. Andrew shares ways to do it: Increase tolerance of ambiguity Help people to understand the difference between perfect and good enough Be Read More

“We’ve been talking about this for a year and nothing has changed!” said one frustrated Chairman. How do perfectly sensible and rational initiatives – for example to boost cross-selling, de-emphasise a product and push its replacement, or encourage idea generation Read More