What leaders say about Andy

Exactly who every CEO needs

Andy Bass is exactly the guy that every president or CEO needs. The fact is, senior leaders can get pretty isolated. We can’t share every thought with our employees, and most of them will be guarded about challenging or bringing tough messages, in case it affects their jobs. With Andy, though, you can discuss any business matter, and you know you’ll get a smart, knowledgeable view. Plus, he’ll call you on gaps in your thinking and when required, steer you towards something better.

David J. Pritchett  // President, Rieke Packaging Systems (A TriMas Company)

Our team is inspired

“If people only 'half understand', they can only 'half commit'. Andy teaches you to translate your leadership message from terms that make you want to act into terms that make them want to act. Thank you Andy for sharing your amazing knowledge. Our team is inspired by you and often refers to your ideas when making important decisions."

Jurga Žilinskienė MBE  //  Founder and CEO, Guildhawk

Focused on results

Andrew displays this rare mix of confidence, humanity, subject knowledge and wonderful dexterity in his coaching. His insightful approach and focus on achieving results are impressive. Highly recommendable consultant if you are looking for a true professional.

Paul Heldens  // Managing Director at Dornbracht International GmbH/ Chief Sales Officer at Dornbracht Group

Turning strategy into action

IAC people benefitted hugely from Andy’s expert guidance in aligning our people with our objectives and turning strategy into action

Jens R. Höhnel  // Global Co-CEO & President Europe, International Automotive Components Group (IAC)

A clear roadmap

“The world needs more inspiring business leaders. Andy offers a clear roadmap for how leaders can inspire commitment in today's challenging environment.”

Nancy MacKay  //  CEO & Founder MacKay CEO Forums

Launch your leadership into a higher orbit

"As the pool of talented people becomes ever more diverse, leaders need new ways to engage their commitment. Launch your leadership into a higher orbit with Andy Bass's C.E.O. roadmap"

Hanifa Shah //  Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, Birmingham City University.

Real value added

I have known Andy for many years and as a consultant, coach and mentor he has the rare ability to mix the theory, intellectual rigour and practicality into a real value added offering to the businesses and individuals he works with.

John Handley  // Senior Director, Lloyds Development Capital

A genuinely new approach

Andy’s contribution was essential to the success of the project. He was challenging, engaging and full of innovative ideas. Crucially he focused on what he called the “execution gap”. Andy doesn’t repackage old ideas, he adds a genuinely new approach and engages with his clients with real empathy. Seriously impressive!

Craig Preston  // Midlands Area Director, Corporate, Aon Risk Solutions

Animated engagement

Andy facilitated animated engagement with our new Strategic Plan, at a time of major change in the organisation and sector. He helped make our strategic objectives meaningful to people at all levels. He also went further, transferring approaches and tools so that internal change agents are now using them independently.

Cliff Allan  // Vice-Chancellor, Birmingham City University

Invaluable counsel when everything what going nuts

Andy's counsel was invaluable in helping me - and the board - hold the strategic line when everything around us was going nuts.

Deborah Hallett  // Chairman, Rolle Exmouth Ltd

Sees the job through

Andy Bass is that rare consulting talent who appreciates the synergy between strategic direction and committed support. He sees the job through until the client sees the practical results.

Alan Weiss  // Bestselling author of , “The Ultimate Consultant” and “The Innovation Formula”

Relevant and direct

Andy helped to clarify key goals and development plans, and also adapted his approach as particular issues arose. He gave relevant and direct advice which I could apply. I obtained my goals – he delivered.

Ben Thornber  // Partner, Martineau

Invaluable help in engaging our people

Many thanks for your excellent help with our strategy review process over the last year. You have also provided invaluable help in engaging our people with the process. Overall the exercise has significantly strengthened the business.

Mark A Langridge  // Managing Director, KMS Insurance Management (Randall & Quilter Plc)

A dramatic difference

Andy, I wanted to reiterate my appreciation for the work you have done both with me and with our key managers over the last 18 months. It has made a clear, dramatic difference to our business.

Kathryn Smith  // Managing Director, Databuild Ltd

Gets to the nub of an issue very quickly

Andy is able to get to the nub of an issue very quickly. What was really worthwhile from the perspective of a practical group of people is that in addition to stimulating ‘out of the box’ discussion we came out having identified and formulated clear strategic objectives.

Jackie McLaughlin  // Head of Facilities Europe, DLA Piper LLP

Makes the right decision suddenly become clear

Andrew has a gift for offering unusual ways to look at issues that make the right decision suddenly seem clear.

James Stevenson  // Director of Risk Management, Burberry

Invaluable assistance and great fun 

Andy has a deep understanding of the cultural issues facing professional service firms. BassClusker’s work with Pinsent Masons was invaluable.

Katie Dignan  // Head of Sales Development, Pinsent Masons LLP

Extremely helpful

I first met Andy when I was at KPMG and he spoke at a Transaction Services Conference. Since founding Claritas, I've engaged Andy a number of times as we have grown the business and have found his advice extremely helpful.

Iain Wright  // Founder, Claritas Tax

Don't get derailed

Andy’s focus and ability to ask trenchant questions at just the right time has been invaluable in helping my business fulfil its potential, and moreover, to do it without succumbing to pressure to compromise the vision. I would wholeheartedly recommend his direction to anyone trying to shape their ideas into a going concern, and who don’t want to get lost, derailed, or diluted along the way.

Alex Smith  // Founder, Basic Arts

The mentality that distinguishes the best teams

“In 30 years of business life, what distinguishes the best teams and organisations I have worked with is not intellect, or education or even resources – it is exactly the mentality Andy describes as Committed Action

Rory Sutherland  //  Vice Chairman Ogilvy UK, TED Global speaker, Author of Alchemy: The Surprising Power Of Ideas That Don't Make Sense

Inspire people to take ownership

“Andy's idea of ‘the leader as educator’ is spot on in a world where organisations have to learn, and re-learn, faster than ever.”

Rooney Anand  //  Former CEO Greene King and Executive Chairman Redcat Pub Company

Create commitment and get results in real time

“Whether it's a special forces unit, a championship-winning team, or a business facing today's unique challenges, committed action is essential. Andy's work is invaluable for leaders who need to create commitment and get results in real time.”

Sean Bacon  //  Performance & Resilience consultant, former Canadian Paratrooper, and mindset coach to the Olympic Gold Medal winning Canadian Women’s Rowing Team

Essential reading

“Wealth creators create jobs. The best ones go further and create Dream Jobs, which means recruitment, retention and performance are all made easier. Being a Dream Employer is a worthy goal which helps create the sustainable communities we need for national prosperity, making Andy's Committed Action essential reading.”

Ninder Johal DL  //  CEO Nachural Group and Publisher, The Business Influencer Magazine.

How to get the commitment vital for business growth

“The commitment of your people is vital for business growth. Andy's C.E.O. formula will show you how to get it.”

Ringo Francis  //  Chairman Emeritus, Diversey & Zenith Hygiene, UK & Ireland

Get your people on the same page

“We are in the business of helping our clients grow revenue, and we're very clear that means one thing: coordinated and committed action. That's even more true in the challenging world we're facing today. Andy's approach will help you get your people on the same page so they take the actions you need to grow your business.”

Michael FitzGerald //  Founder & CEO, OnePageCRM