It’s so often the case that organizations and individuals know what to do, but for whatever reasons don’t actually do it.

I’ve seen new CEOs who have arrived and quite reasonably done a strategic review, out of which came promising-sounding initiatives and much enthusiasm, only to be pulled aside by a near-to-retirement executive who shows me the marketing collateral for an almost identical initiative which was launched but failed to gain traction several years before!

Individuals can be like that too (hey, me included!!). I’ve had both coaching clients and mentees whose perfectly sensible goals haven’t changed in years. They know what to do, but they don’t do it.

I’m sure that’s why the popular practice of giving advice doesn’t work as well as it ought to!

What does work? Whether it’s for your customer, clients, employees or yourself: think about how you can create the circumstances in which that the response you want is the most natural course of action.

More on this in later posts.

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